Nissan 400Z BraZe YourZelf 




Is the Nissan 400z on the horizon? According to GT Channel, the next Z-line generation won't be launched until 2011. Nissan is currently engaged with bringing into the market a new line of hybrid vehicles, a small sports coupe and the GT-R.


The sixth generation Nissan 400z will probably be called the 370Z. It is obvious that Nissan will be using the Infiniti G37’s V6 3.7 liter engine. Although, there is speculation that Nissan will use the same engine found in the new Skyline coupe however, there are not details on the output increase, for sure there will be a sizable contrast from the present 350Z and the coming 370Z. Could it be the Nissan 400z we are waiting for? formulates the notion that for a Nissan 400z to exist, it has to have a V8 4.liter engine coupled with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Also the Nissan 400Z has to be manufacture with light materials to cut down on the vehicle’s weight.

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